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Faces of SMA

The 2010 Jack Rabbit Run is dedicated
in memory of Preston Fisher


Preston was diagnosed with SMA at 10 months old and used a power wheelchair from the time he was 18 months old. Despite his limitations, Preston was a talented athlete with excellent hand-eye coordination, and enjoyed competition. He loved interacting with all kinds of people and had the ability to converse with anybody, always remembering a name. Preston was the inspiration for Preston's H.O.P.E.(Helping Others Play and Enjoy), a 60,000 sq.ft. play ground at the Mandel Jewish Community Center in Beachwood where children with and without disabilities can play together. He had a winning personality and an endearing smile that couldlight up a room. Sadly, Preston passed away in December, 2008, just shy of his twelfth birthday, from complications during surgery. His inspiration to others will live on forever.

Meet Jack

  • Jack!

About 18 years ago, our son Jack was diagnosed with this terrible disease. He cannot sit on his own and will never walk. At age 19, he has seen more hospitals and doctors than many will in a lifetime. However, Jack is very smart and full of joy. He enjoys cruising around in his power wheelchair and using his computer. He likes cheering on his favorite sports teams - all 150 of them! He is exceptional and we want his life to be full.

Sincerely, Barry and Mary Beth Kotheimer
Chesterland, Ohio

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